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About TCC

TCC is a computerized recloser time current curve verification program. The software has been developed by a recloser repair technician with over 10 years experience. It has been designed to streamline the time current curve verification process.

System requirements are an IBM compatible computer (a 286 or higher with a math coprocessor is recommended), hard drive or one high density floppy drive, and a printer (only required if you wish to print test results).

TCC automatically calculates the allowable envelope and displays the minimum, maximum, optimum, and actual times for each trip operation.

The software accomplishes this by interpolating between time current curve data points (supplied by Cooper Power Systems and digitized from the actual tcc's) to determine the corresponding times for each amperage.

The envelope is determined by calculating the acceptable variations of time and current according to the manufacturers specifications. The actual trip times of each operation are compared to these calculated minimum and maximum values to determine if the recloser is within allowable tolerances.

The times and currents from the recloser test set may be manually input to the computer via the keyboard. For increased speed and accuracy the ORTMASTER may be purchased.

The ORTMASTER has been designed to work in conjunction with TCC. It automatically transfers the data to TCC for instant GO/NOGO results. In addition, the ORTMASTER eliminates some of the inaccuracies caused by low voltage testing.

After the test results have been verified, the program has the ability to save these results in a file. The user can select the filename, so it is possible to save the data for each customer's or operating company's reclosers to a separate file.

The software will store three separate current levels and minimum pick-up for each recloser. These three levels are defined as Low Current Test, Medium Current Test, and High Current Test. If testing a three phase recloser, the software will store Phase A, Phase B, Phase C, and Ground trip.

Saved information may be loaded back into the verification software to recheck a recloser.

Any saved information may be reviewed and/or printed. Printed reports may be generated for individually selected reclosers or all at once. Test results for each single phase recloser will be printed on one 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. In the case of a three phase recloser, Phases A & B will be printed on the first page, and Phase C and Ground Trip will print on the second page.

If you use a custom form to record your test data, the print module of TCC may be modified to accommodate your form. Call for details on modifying the printed output.

Both TCC and the Ortmaster come with a no risk, 30 day money back guarantee! To receive TCC and/or the ORTMASTER for a 30 day trial, just send a hard copy purchase order stating "may be returned within 30 days for any reason".

Computer systems and printers are also available. The software will be preloaded for a complete out-of-the-box solution. Notebook and desktop configurations are available. Please call for pricing.

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