P S Technology, inc.

715 Warren Road

Cockeysville, MD 21030

August 2, 1996

The following services are available from P S Technology, Inc.

Electronic design, particularly instrumentation used in electrical test equipment, low frequency and low level analog circuitry, and interfacing to PC-compatible computers.

Electrical design, specializing in high current generation and monitoring.

PC Board design, specializing in small boards with unique combinations of low-level analog, digital, and power circuitry.

Computer programming, including software for the IBM PC and compatibles, using Turbo-C, assembly language, Pascal, Clipper, and BASIC, as well as development of firmware to be installed in subsystems with processors and controllers such as the Z80, 64180, 8088, and 80535. Primary emphasis is on low-level programming for real-time data acquisition and process control, but may include higher level database and spreadsheet

Consulting services, primarily for users of Electrical Testing products previously manufactured by EIL Instruments, Phenix Technologies, and Multi-Amp Corporation, for advice on repair, calibration, and upgrading of these devices.

Technical writing services, including consultation about content, proofreading, formatting, editing, and desktop publishing. Also includes conversion of documents to HTML format for publication on the World Wide Web.

Training of personnel on operation, maintenance, repair, and calibration of electrical equipment, computers, and related hardware and software.