General Information

The P S Technology BTSMASTER Model BTSM-2 is a self-contained microprocessor- based metering and control package for primary injection testing of circuit breakers. It has been designed to interface to air-core sensors used in nearly all existing high current test sets, and will provide accurate true-RMS current readings and trip times even for pulses less than one cycle in duration. It also has contact sensing capability, and output initiation control with preset on time.

The BTSMASTER uses proven micro- processor and A/D converter technology to provide real-time waveform analysis. This ensures accurate true-RMS readings of current pulses with DC offset and distortion, which are typical in primary injection testing. Intelligent threshold algorithms provide accurate trip time measurement. Integration of measurement and control functions allow advanced features such as preset on times, autoranging, and optional printer or computer interface.

Front panel controls consist of large rugged pushbuttons with tactile feedback and LED indicators. Time and current are displayed on large, bright LED displays.

Standard components and modular construction are used for high reliability, simple service, and low cost. The package is a rugged, standard 19" x 7" rack mounting assembly that easily mounts in most high current test sets. All inputs and outputs are provided through a standard twist-lock connector which is compatible with the EIL Accu-Amp, and allows easy removal of the instrumentation package for service or safe transportation.

The BTSMASTER is the standard system used in the P S Technology CBTMASTER series of high current test sets, and is also recommended for replacement of current meters, timers, and control panels in older circuit breaker test sets.


Dimensions 19" W x 7" H x 7" D
Ranges 0-200A/2kA/20kA/200kA
Current Accuracy +/- 1% FS
Timing +/- 0.01 Sec

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